Acculturate III – Reflection Art Exhibition by Singapore Artist Dr Lim Poh Teck

10 January to 16 January 2018

From 10-16 January, from 11am-8pm daily, Dr Lim Poh Teck presents Acculturate III – Reflection, a solo exhibition on his exploration of the different cultures and how they assimilate into one another.

To acculturate is to assimilate into a different culture, to undergo cultural modification by adapting to or borrowing traits from others. Dr Lim Poh Teck’s oeuvre of East meets West art, describing his schizophrenic existence as an oriental artist in the global and thoroughly Westernized port of Singapore, manifests the tensions and culture wars that arise from necessary integration and occasional marginalization in an ostensibly migrant society.

In his paintings, traditional (Eastern) motifs may be presented in bold, colourful and graphic (Western) ways, juxtaposing unlikely elements in lively, contemporary combinations. Earlier paintings contrasted the kampong with the city, the vernacular with the urban public, relying heavily on floral and feline icons. Poh Teck’s most iconic floral or starburst motif has morphed from chrysanthemum to ceiling fan to radioactive symbol to fireworks. In its latest guise for this exhibition, they have acquired a certain three-dimensional rotundity as biomorphic object, appropriately green and ecologically-aware. Less universal but no less prevalent, cats or lions often crop up as main subjects in several compositions. Other times, subjects are subsumed to a complex background of ‘floral’ networks, as our eyes dance across a canvas which never fails to engage.

The first exhibition of 2018 at Visual Arts Centre – do not miss Acculturate III – Reflection and the events: Opening night on 10 Jan, from 7pm, Artist talk on 13 Jan, from 3pm.

林保德博士在2018年最新的个展 “文化适应III——反思”(Acculturate III- Reflection)里呈现数十幅精彩的作品。在新系列《欢庆》中,花卉植物的风格变得素雅,已褪掉了颜色,变成黑白色。植物生长茂盛,而标志性的眼睛仿佛体现一种好奇的探索。



— 林保德 


Press Feature: Lianhezaobao, Fukan Section, 9 January 2018 by Ng Siang Ping 

Born in Singapore, 1963

“Born and raised in an Eastern society, my perception of life is naturally in line with Asian values. However, my experience from travels in the West has greatly inspired me to learn and interact with various cultures and to experience each one with more depth. But most importantly, I have come to realise the significance of inheritance and roots. Through an exposure of Western culture within the context of an Eastern background, I hope to create a harmonious relationship between these two extremities and thus move towards strengthening my understanding of art. I strongly believe that life without roots and culture is emptiness.”

Dr Lim received his Doctorate in art history at Beijing University (北京大学), China (中国) in 2013, MA in Arts, University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, Australia in 2005. He graduated from LaSalle Colleges of the Arts for Advanced Diploma in 1989 and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for Diploma in 1987.

He represented Singapore in international symposiums including the New Generation Contemporary Singapore Art Exhibition and Symposium, Japan (1990); the Artist-in-Residence, Australia (2000). Currently, he is a lecturer for Design and Media in Nanyang Academic Fine Arts College, Singapore.

He has held 4 solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions locally, such as Singapore Art (2009), Modern Art Annual Show (1989 – 2012) and overseas, such as in China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and also Asia International Art Exhibition (1999 – 2013).

He received the Australia Art Award Scholarship (1986); Grand prize in UOB competition (1990); the Young Artist Award from National Arts Council of Singapore (1997).

His works are collected by corporations and private collectors.