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Wild and Free – Wildlife Photography Exhibition

29 July to 6 August 2017


The Siaw-Tao Seal Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society collaborates with the International Sumi-e Association to present:

Singapore – Japan Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition 2017

From 17th to 21st September 2017, open from 11am-7pm daily, at the Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery, this showcase features fifty paintings by artists from Singapore and Japan and allows us to appreciate the finesse of ink painting of both countries.

We cordially invite Visual Arts Centre patrons to join us for the Opening Ceremony:

16 September 2017 Saturday


*Please kindly arrive by 6:30pm for entry.

BY RSVP ONLY: or call us at 6255 0711


The Indonesia-born Silvana first picked up photography in 2002 as a hobby. As she discovered her voice through the medium and joy in conveying stories through images, she set on a dedicated path to deepen her practice. In 2006, she joined the Photographic Society of Singapore, while polishing her proficiency under a Hong Kong-based Pictorial Art Master.For Silvana, the natural world held a mirror to human interactions. Among the wild creatures, she saw and was touched by instances of family bonding, love and friendship which she felt were often neglected in a society caught in the bustle of contemporary living.

With her keen eye, she sought to bridge different worlds through photography. Her ethos of creating common ground between people and other living things is evident with how her images transport viewers from our manufactured society to a realm that echos with nature’s urgent whispers.

Silvana’s works have been included in several international shows and recognised with numerous awards. Among them are the Gold Medal at the Royal Photographic Society Gold Medal Exhibitors’ Association International Salon and Image of the Year Honor Award by the Photography Society of America, both in 2011.

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