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VAC X aNERD Gallery – BUMI: A Batik Tribute to Mother Earth

22 April to 22 April 2019


VAC X aNERD Gallery presents…
BUMI: A Batik Tribute to Mother Earth
Nature has been the greatest source for inspiration for both artists and scientists. Unfortunately, human activities, such as deforestation, wildlife trafficking or pollution, has destroyed the natural habitat and driving reduction of wildlife population. Held in conjunction with Earth Day, this one-day special exhibition by aNERDgallery, in collaboration with Visual Arts Centre, aims to explore beauty of Mother Earth and to invoke important conversation for nature preservation through a uniquely intersected art and science form of batik.

Did you know!

Batik originates from Java, Indonesia. It is a traditional art formed by a unique wax-resist dyeing technique.

Batik has become a means of artistic expression for many people in Asia and has become deeply entrenched in the Asian culture. 

Batik is listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage Cultural Heritage of Humanity List. Batik can be found all around Indonesia – Batik designs adorning the walls of the house and adorned on clothing. Batik designs are influenced from various cultures – Arabic, European, Chinese and many other cultures and has many symbolic meanings and expresses creativity and spirituality.

Batik is thought to be more than 1,000 years old! Most traditional designs are made with natural ingredients, giving batik the unique blue and brown colours.

Various techniques and tools are used during Batik art making, you can attempt to create your very own Batik art with our workshop!

Exhibition Details

Join us in Batik art making with our Batik Handkerchief Workshop from
Early-bird tickets are available until 10 April, at $51 nett/pax, inclusive of all art materials.

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