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Transcend – 50 years of Singapore Modern Art

1 July to 11 July 2017


Transcend is an art exhibition by twelve eminent second-generation artists who were responsible for defining, initiating and propelling the development of modern art in Singapore, between the early 1960s to 1980s. They are namely Ho Ho Ying, Tay Chee Toh, Thomas Yeo, Sim Pang Liang, Lim Leong Seng, Swee Khim Ann, Low Puay Hua, Chieu Shuey Fook, Tan Ping Chiang, Thang Kiang How, Leo Hee Tong and Choy Weng Yang.

Transcend seeks to pay homage to the contributions of these twelve artists who have made a lasting impact in the Singapore art scene with their advocacy of modern art and their unfaltering commitment to producing modern art. Through a chronological juxtaposition of over forty selected works from 1950s to 2017, this exhibition showcases representative works by the artists and traces the development of Singapore modern art from its formative years to its present state.


Chieu Shuey Fook

Choy Weng Yang

Ho Ho Ying

Leo Hee Tong

Lim Leong Seng

Low Puay Hua

Sim Pang Liang

Swee Khim Ann

Tan Ping Chiang

Tay Chee Toh

Thang Kiang How

Thomas Yeo

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