Visual Arts Centre


Small Act Big Difference Charity Art Exhibition 2019

29 November to 10 December 2019


Small Act, Big Difference Charity Art Exhibition is a charity art exhibition organised by J’den Teo, TAD Charity in support of The Straits School Pocket Money Fund (“STSPMF”) to raise fund for financially challenged and less fortunate student from needy families. Small Act, Big Difference Charity Art Exhibition features more than 30 paintings and artwork lead by Student Artist, J’den Teo together and his invited student artists who are keen to use their interest in art to help the less fortunate. The event features paintings and artwork in various medium and sizes, showcasing the students’ diverse style and inspirations. Accompanying all paintings and artwork, the students also writes about their inspirations and opinions on various moral, social and enviromental issues.
TAD Charity is a charity effort conceived in 2018 by J’den, then age 12, to help the less fortunate. J’den believes through his art, he is able to inspire his peers to start young, to start small and to start believing that everyone’s contributions however small (TAD) can meaningfully add to form a larger purpose to others’ lives; in making their world a better place.
J’den launched Small Act, Big Difference Charity Art Exhibition, a non-profit charity art exhibition to raised fund for his less fortunate peers.
All net proceeds are donated to STSPMF.
Singapore Police Force Charity License (HH/20190707/0001). The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (“STSPMF”) Ref: Charity Fund Raising Agreement dated 24 Jun 2019.