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Kaleidoscope 2019 | Adrienne’s Art Class

30 September to 2 June 2019



Kaleidoscope 2019
Come visit the inaugural exhibition by students of Adrienne’s Art Class! Representing the artistic achievements of 32 young artists from 5 to 16 years old.

Official Opening
1st June 2019, 2.30pm

Exhibition Dates & Hours
1 June 2019 (2.30pm to 8pm)
2 June 2019 (11am to 6pm)

Kaleidoscope 2019
[Countable noun] a toy in the shape of a tube, that you look through to see different patterns of light made by pieces of coloured glass and mirrors.

[Singular noun] a changing and enjoyable mixture or pattern:

Bold. Daring. Colourful. No two are alike.

KALEIDOSCOPE has been chosen as the theme of this debut art exhibition by students of Adrienne’s Art Class, setting the stage for the children and their audience to look beyond the composition of each art piece and appreciate the individual, nuanced expressions of our young artists.

The experience of meandering through the gallery, taking in views of each carefully curated set of works, transports you to another realm –
a reflection of the incredible journey that each child has taken to find his/her own unique style, guided by their dedicated teacher Adrienne Wee.

Projecting their creativity onto each painting, our kids are proud to present the sum of their hard work as a collective, kaleidoscopic exhibition comprising ‘coloured fragments’ of canvas – a visualization of their magical, shape-shifting and ever-changing yet eternally brilliant, artistic talents.

This is their art, this is their Kaleidoscope.

Art through the eyes of a child

Curated by Adrienne’s Art Class

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