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2 March 2019


Beauty Uncovered hopes to educate consumers on the importance of ethical beauty consumption. As consumers in the 21st century gain more knowledge about the need for sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle and business practices, they believe there is also an increasing need to pay more attention to the practices and consumption of beauty products, like sunscreens, shampoos, soaps, and facial products.


Exhibition Date/Time:

2 March 2019

12pm – 7pm


Some highlights you can look forward to at the marketplace includes:

Exhibition View

Shop Local Beauty Brands

Find your next ethical beauty favourites among the 15 local ethical beauty vendors that carry skincare, makeup and beauty accessories. Some brands you can look forward to would be FRANKSKINCARE, oasis:skin, LUXE Botanics and WANT Skincare.

Participate in The Beauty Swap

Marie Kondo-ed your beauty stash and don’t know what to do with the beauty products you don’t want or need? Donate samples, light-used or brand new products at The Beauty Swap and find yourself new treasures to add to your collection – of course, remember to only take what you need.

Workshops, Talks

New to the idea of Ethical Beauty? Marketplace vendors FRANKSKINCARE and LUXE Botanics will be there to give you the run down on how to get started, and address any concerns you might have. Plus, look forward to creating and bringing home your own customised DIY scrubs, lip balms, lotions and more!

Please find the full list of the workshops and talks on their Facebook events page here and follow their Instagram @beautyuncoveredsg or website // for more updates!

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