Visual Arts Centre

Bedtime Stories

19 December to 21 December 2018


Jacqueline Wang presents to you “BEDTIME STORIES”!

In her wildest dreams Jacqueline never imagined herself as an artist and yet this wild fantasy has been on-going for 5 years now. It’s a dream that she never wants to wake up from.

Her inspirations for ‘Bedtime Stories’ emanate from her wildly manifested imagination, vivid dreams and nightmares. Jacq interprets these dreams in exquisite colour and detail. Yes, she dreams in vibrant colour! Sometimes these inspirations shout at her during the day-to-day, when taking a train ride, simply observing or talking to others.

In this exhibition she paints her fears and fantasies, some have manifested themselves into imaginary creatures, others have been superimposed onto the ones she loves.

Exhibition Dates/Time:

14 Nov : 5pm – 8pm
15 Nov : 1pm-9pm

Come on down to Visual Arts Centre and enjoy this exhibition and don’t wake her up!

Exhibition View


Jacqueline started as an art student in ArtSpace (teachers – Le Matt, Chan Kerk) and has since also tutored with NAFA (Yeo Chee Kiong – Sculpture), Art Dimension (Shan) and overseas art Masters (Paul Riley in Devon and Christopher Bell in Tuscany).

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