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Artisan – Beyond Craft

17 March to 26 March 2017


Artisan – Beyond Craft, an exhibition jointly organised by HULS and Vivid Creations, will offer a comprehensive view of the Japanese Craft Industry. It will showcase the works of eight Japanese craft manufacturers. The main feature of this very first exhibition by HULS held in Singapore will be the collaboration between Singaporean designers and Japanese craft manufacturers. The highlight of the exhibition will be the recent collaboration by HULS and SHIMA-SHIMA that will be launched on 8 March 2017, the first day of the exhibition. Together with the collaboration showcase, this exhibition shows the possibilities of how Singaporean designers and businesses are able to work with Japanese manufacturers and also be a catalyst for future collaboration between Singapore and Japan.

A talk by 3 speakers, Choon Yeow Lim (Singapore), Hiedeko Watanabe (Japan) and Shuichi Yokoe (Japan), will talk about the Japanese craft industry and the process and experiences of how Singaporean designers collaborate with the Japanese craft manufacturers. It will be held at the National Design Centre on 11th March. Admission is free.

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