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Art of Tomorrow

14 June to 16 June 2019


Come visit the Japan-Europe Palace Arts Association (JEPAA)’s first ever exhibition in Singapore! Titled “Art of Tomorrow”, this exhibition will showcase a multitude of art works from modern Japanese artists. Featuring works from more than 50  artists, including Japanese paintings (Ink), Western paintings (prints and photographs), Crafts, Sculptures, Calligraphy and Literary arts.
The exhibition seeks to introduce works of Japanese artists living in the present age. The amalgamation of old and new, the infusion of present day modernity versus deep-rooted traditions that are passed down and preserved through generations though the lens of present day Japanese artists; that is the key takeaway this exhibition hopes to deliver.

Most of the artists belong to various national art associations based in japan and amongst them there are many who have won awards and are featured at domestic exhibitions. A majority of the artists joining this time are practitioners of Japanese culture, such as calligraphy and painting. Whilst Japanese cultural influences often encompass genres like animation or food, the exhibition hopes to introduce the less explored genre that is the root of modern Japanese culture, including historical literary works like Haiku ad Tanka, and how they fit into modern day premises. In Japan, there is still a strong impression of art from Western Europe. JEPAA hopes to change this perception by shedding new light and bringing awareness through such exchanges and interaction, triggering an art revitalization for the Asian art culture.


In the past, JEPAA has held exhibitions in various European countries such as Germany, Belgium and Italy. Realising the need for a more global approach, JEPAA decided to carry out activities in Asia and since the start of 2018, they have held exhibitions in Okinawa and Cebu, Philippines. After 2 successful exhibitions, the 3rd instalment will be held in Singapore. JEPAA believes that Singapore has a great influence as a cultural hub and in recent years, the development of the art scene has been improving remarkably and JEPAA has recognised Singapore as an essential country to promote the arts in Asia.


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Exhibition Details


14-16 June 2019, 11am – 8pm daily

Official Opening:

14 June 6:30pm

*Cocktails, light snacks and dinner will be provided, open to all art lovers*


Visual Arts Centre (#01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, 10 Penang Rd, Singapore 238469)


Free for all

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