Visual Arts Centre


17 September to 19 September 2021


展览日期与时间 Exhibition Dates and Time:
17 September 2021  - 19 September 2021
11am  - 5pm daily

Opening Ceremony 开幕式时间

17/09/2021   6.30pm


Guest of Honour 开幕式嘉宾

Professor Oh Soonhwa

(Please RSVP your attendance for the exhibition opening with the organiser @ +65 9420 5183)


Venue 展览地点
Visual Arts Centre 新加坡视觉艺术中心
10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469
(Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut Exit B)
Organiser 主办单位

Shu Ran


Contact Us 联系方式

+65 9420 5183 (策展方)

+65 6255 0711 (展览厅)


Website 网站



关于《蝶变》: 王佳睿/Eric Wang个人画展

刚刚迈入十八岁门槛、正值青春年少的王佳睿(Wang Eric),是新加坡美国国际学校的一名在校生。他从小热爱绘画艺术,擅于用画笔展示自己的心灵世界,曾多次荣获各种青少年绘画奖项。




佳睿还有着超乎同龄青少年的成熟和稳重,他渴慕着把对艺术的志趣以及成长的理念融入其中 ,称自己为“一条冒险的幼虫”,在艺术天地里蛰伏和耕耘,并默默积蓄“破茧成蝶”的力量。






Eric Wang says: 

“Hello everyone, my name is Eric Wang, I turn 18 this year, last month actually. I have always thought that turning 18 will automatically turn me into an adult, just like a tadpole changing state into a frog. However, as time passes, as I spend more time with people around me, I realise how behind I am in this maturity aspect. I realize I lack a lot of knowledge of the actual world, still sitting on the shoulders of my parents. But something people don’t realise is the beauty of immaturity. As a child, I spent my time dancing around in my headspace, interpreting this world with my “newborn” eyes. Well, since I enjoy art, I place my interpretation of this universe down on paper or canvas often. Although “experience” might not contribute to a lot of my pieces I hope the ambition and growth of my yet mature self reflect in my pieces. Hence, I would consider myself “a venturesome larva”.

Through this exhibition, I hope you all could leave a note of feedback, in fact, anything you want to say about my art. Since I am like a larva which needs heaps of food to grow, I hope through this exhibition I can receive some insight on my work. Thank you all.”




“My Other Half” 46cm x 61cm Mixed Media

Amongst the media I widely consume daily, what I hold closest to my heart is the existence of manga. It has the ability to tell a story in a beautiful and expressive way. It is because of manga that pushed me every day to create and do what I love. Hence, “My Other Half”.


“Chaos Blooming” 46cm x 61cm Acrylic

To me, chaos can be seen like a parasite, or a family of maggots feasting on a body of food. Chaos can come in many forms. Habitual drinking can cause alcoholism, having a hobby of playing poker can lead to a life of grief in the casino. These are how quick chaos breeds itself, just like a fly, making first contact with a decaying body, laying its first eggs. And very quickly, just this one fly creates a swarm of maggots, eating away the body, similar to that of the large, uncontrollable chaos one invites.






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