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The Expressive Therapeutic Programme is a 6 sessions workshop aimed at helping seniors to gain a better understanding of their life through active participation under the guidance by professional artists and art therapists.

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will continue to take part in art-making activities and an Art Exhibitions for them to show case their art creations to their families, friends and the public.

All of our participants are above 50 years old with many of them without experience in art making.


SAGE Counselling Centre is a non-profit and non-religious Voluntary Welfare Organization. It aims “to enhance the total well-being of the older persons and their caregivers/family members with a special focus on the psychological and social aspects of their health” with its primary service being providing counselling related services.

Exhibition Details

Opening Hours:

Saturday: 3pm to 8pm

Sunday: 9am to 6pm

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