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兰亭画会《逸趣》小品展 2020- Lanting Art Society Jubilant An exhibition of Small artworks 

26 – 29 November 2020

黄明宗 Wee Beng-Chong

《双蛙》 Two Frogs

28cm x 35.5cm

Opening Ceremony


26 November 2020



Exhibition Dates and Time:

11月26日: 6pm-9.30pm

11月27日: 11am-8pm



Venue 展览地点 

Visual Arts Centre 新加坡视觉艺术中心

10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469

Organiser: 主办单位

兰亭画会  Lanting Art Society

Supported by: 承办单位

Event Partner 场地伙伴:

新加坡视觉艺术中心 Visual Arts Centre












兰亭画会 会长


廖伟业 Leow Wee Giap

《自重自量》 Realising of one’s ability

24cm x 26cm

Lanting Art Society Jubilant An exhibition of Small artworks


“Matters and circumstances may differ; but with confidence in unison, we strive…”

(An Excerpt from Eastern Jin • WangXizhi – Lanting Xu)

Lanting Art Society (LAS) has braved 33 years since its formation in 1987, under the leadership of the Founding Members and Lifetime Advisor, Mr. Wee Beng-Chong. Navigating through time and circumstances, inevitably, there were obstacles and challenges. However, the commitment in fulfilling a common goal and to excel in one’s art alignment, together with Lanting Art Society’s founding principles remain unchanged.

Since the beginning of 2020, it has been a trying period with the onslaught of the pandemic; causing disruptions to our daily lives, routines and norms. A planned exhibition for Small Artworks had to be postponed. The current 17th committee of LAS took up the challenge in fulfilling the mission set out by their predecessor.

This exhibition include artworks from LAS Lifetime Advisor, Mr. Wee Beng-Chong and 24 other members. A collection of 45 small artworks encompassing various artistic mediums and expression; with goals of overcoming small, challenging composition restrictions in presenting an artwork.

Together with all the members of Lanting Art Society, we look forward to your presence to grace this upcoming exhibition on 26 November 2020, held at the Visual Arts Centre.

Lawrence Leow Wee Giap

President, Lanting Art Society

黄  铃 Wee Leng

《红树林》 Mangrove forest

29cm x 41cm

参展者作品和名单 (Participating Artists and Their Works)

Wee Beng-Chong 黄明宗, Chan Sai Hoon 陈世雄, Chung Hock Lee 莊福利, Chung May Khuen 曾美君, Fan Mun Hoi 范文恺, Goh Yau Kee  吴耀基, Gong Yao Min 龚瑶敏, Heng Bee Eng 王美英, Leow Wee Giap 廖伟业, Sonas Lim Sia Kwoon 林适耕, Lim Thian Seng 林天成, Lo Seng Hock 罗    城, Loh Chui Nyet 罗醉月, Low Kim Chit 刘金桔, Ng Chai Kim 黄彩金, Oscar Ng Hwee Leng 黄惠玲, Ng Ngern Chern 黄银贞, Sam Choon Yan 岑春燕, Tan Hwee Li 陈惠丽, Teo Sek Eng 张雪莹, Toh Lok San 卓乐山, Wee Leng 黄    铃, Wu Bee Leng  吴美玲, Yap Sean Leong 叶善良,  Yuen Yih 袁    毅.


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