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Professional Acrylic Painting 24 Session Course 丙烯画24节课程 – AZ @ PAYA LEBAR Studio

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24 Sessions Professional Acrylic Painting Course 专业丙烯画24节课程


About This Course

Join our Acrylic Painting Course of 24 Sessions

Interested in picking up a new set of skills? Why not try out our Acrylic Painting Course! Acrylic Painting is an interesting medium that has many advantages, mainly known for being water-soluble and polymer based making it an easy medium to manipulate to create vibrant works. Unlike Oil Painting, acrylics are non-toxic and can be used without mixing with additional materials such as oil. Additionally, Acrylic Painting is fast-drying and multiple layers can be applied over multiple sessions. Our professional art instructors will guide you through your work using the same painting methods and techniques from both acrylic and oil painting to make up your very own beautiful artwork.

acrylic painting VAC

Come and try this medium out, experience the many pros of acrylic painting and find yourself a new hobby. Through the sessions (either 8 sessions, 12 sessions art immersion or 24 sessions art immersion), you will slowly grasp the many techniques needed for acrylic painting and also learn how this medium differs from others. We understand that different people will have different art experiences – some might have not held a paint brush since their schooling days while some might have had much experience. As such, our professional trained art instructors will cater to your different pace of learning to ensure everyone gets specific and personalised instructions and guidance that will benefit you the most. So don’t worry! Whether you are a beginner or someone who is looking for a refresher course, this is suitable for you!

For Art Course Enquiry, please email [email protected] OR call/WhatsApp us at 62550711.


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Learn acrylic painting from real life photography and paint your own landscape painting

(Left: reference photography, Right: Completed Professional Acrylic Landscape Painting)

(Left: reference photography, Right: Completed Professional Acrylic Landscape Painting)

What to expect for this Acrylic Painting Course:

This course introduces students to acrylic painting and encourages creative compositions. This 24 sessions of Acrylic Painting will introduce participants to the medium and techniques, working on still life and landscape compositions and subjects. This skill is important, for anyone who is interested in learning  the basics of drawing and painting. Subsequently, students may bring their own painting references and receive guidance from our professional instructors to create their masterpieces!

Learning topics: 

– Still life acrylic painting 

– Landscape acrylic painting 

– Creative acrylic painting and self-composition

– Semi-abstract / abstract acrylic painting 

– Animal and nature hyper-realism acrylic painting

– Palette knife acrylic painting and textural acrylic painting 

– Portraiture and figure acrylic painting

Students with their completed Acrylic Painting works 


Learning still life acrylic painting – with life observation of assorted still life subjects, students learn and practise acrylic painting techniques and brush strokes and gain a strong foundation in acrylic painting. 

Our students capturing the beautiful scenic view using the new learnt acrylic painting technique.

Visual Arts Centre Acrylic Painting_course_singapore_best_acrylic_painting_art_course_singapore
Our students with their very own creation  using acrylic paint!

Our student engaging in architectural painting.


Portraiture painting using acrylic painting by our student

Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery as you learn professional painting techniques and create your very own paintings from life observation!

You may refer to the lesson schedules below to join our classes. Our flexible attendance system allows you to attend any of the sessions listed below. All materials are provided for this course.





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Our Studios!

Art Studio and Exhibition Gallery at Dhoby Ghaut Green

Visual Arts Centre exhibition_hire_venue_visual_arts_centre

Address: 10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469

Exit from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Exit B and turn left, we are there in 30m!

New studio and gallery open at AZ @Paya Lebar! Sign up today for new class schedule

Visual Arts Centre Macpherson

Address: AZ@Paya Lebar, 140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-04, Singapore 409105

Exit from MacPherson MRT Station Exit A and turn left, we are right across the road, 1 minute walk away!

Course Description

Suitable for those who wish to reach the intermediate level in acrylic painting.  Each lesson in the course will have a different subject matter and learning objective, ranging from foundational knowledge to advanced techniques.

This course is also suitable for those with experience in acrylic painting as a refresher to proper painting techniques.

This course is suitable for those who have a foundation in any form of art, and those interested in picking up acrylic painting. Basic drawing and sketching techniques, as well as observational skills will also be taught over the course of the lessons. Moreover, students will begin to focus on subjects such as landscape and still-life to further hone their skills.

Schedule & Location

Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio

Every Monday – Sunday

MON  11AM -1.15PM / 5PM-7.15PM / 7:30PM – 9:45PM

TUE  3.30PM-5.45PM

WED 11AM-1.15PM / 1:30PM – 3:45PM

THU 1PM – 3.15pm / 3.30PM – 5.45PM

FRI  11AM -1.15PM /  5PM-7.15PM / 7.30PM – 9.45PM

SAT 10.30AM-12.45PM / 1PM-3.15PM / 3.30PM-5.45PM / 6.30PM-8.45PM

SUN 1PM-3.15PM / 3.30PM-5.45PM

Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Art Studio

Every Saturday – Sunday


Registration & Fees

The art courses are available at both our Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio and MacPherson Art Studio, please choose your preferred location.

12 Sessions Professional Art Immersion Course 专业绘画12节课程 (MacPherson)
Location Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Studio
14 Weeks
24 Sessions Professional Art Immersion Course 专业绘画24节课程 (MacPherson)
Location Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Studio
26 Weeks
48 Sessions Professional Art Immersion Course 专业绘画48节课程 (MacPherson)
Location Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Studio
52 Weeks
48 Sessions Professional Art Immersion Course 专业绘画48节课程 (Dhoby Ghaut)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Studio
52 Weeks
8 Sessions Professional Acrylic Painting Course 专业丙烯画8节课程 (Dhoby Ghaut)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio
10 Weeks
Professional Acrylic Painting Trial Class 专业丙烯画试课 (Dhoby Ghaut)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio
1 Week
Professional Acrylic Painting Trial Class 专业丙烯画试课 (MacPherson)
Location Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Art Studio
1 Week

Terms & Conditions: 

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated. No refunds are provided for any courses / workshops / lesson purchased. 

The course package(s) is/are valid within the stated from the date of registration. Each session under the adult course package is 2 hours 15 minutes. Visual Arts Centre reserves the right to reject/reschedule your lesson if you are late. Visual Arts Centre reserves the right to cancel/reschedule/postpone any course/session without prior notice. In the event that the course is unable to proceed due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund of the fees will be provided. The registrant/guardian of the registrant indemnifies and hold Visual Arts Centre and/or its staff harmless from any losses sustained from any activity within the premises of Visual Arts Centre, including personal injury/loss or damages to property.

You will be redirected to the workshop registration page to fill in your enrollment details after you make payment. By clicking “Buy This Package”, you agree with our terms and conditions. Do note that there is no refund for signups.T