Oil Painting 油画 Trial Class – AZ @ Paya Lebar Studio

Oil Painting Trial Class for ALL LEVELS

Searching for Oil Painting Class in Singapore, always envied those who can paint free and beautiful? Well, our Oil Painting course is a wonderful course for beginners and even those with previous experience in Oil Painting and would like to take it further! The full course objectives can only be met with the full Oil Painting 12 sessions course or Oil Painting 24 sessions course.

Take this great opportunity to try Oil Painting! If you are an absolute beginner, this trial class is for you! If you have experience in Oil Painting or other mediums of art but would like to further develop and enhance your skills, our Oil Painting course is for you!

What to expect for your first Trial Oil Painting Class:

The trial lesson of 2 hours 15 minutes provides you a quick introduction to Oil Painting.

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You’ll be introduced on observation skills, form and composition and the first 15-20 minutes is for your self-exploration with the given observation, so the teacher and teaching assistants are able to access if you have any previous background/practise and bridge any differences, as well as so that you can see how you think and do! Our teacher will then guide you from there on, on how to approach the subject(s), methods of observation, determining form and composition, basic sketching and methods of modifying shapes/form, as a good draft sketch is important before the oil painting, and finally start to apply oils to your canvas and pick up basic brush techniques and colour blending skills, while starting to paint wet-on-wet! Guidance is provided to every individual through a step-by-step approach, and it’s important to paint and adopt a “JUST DO IT” attitude, as some beginners may always hesitate in fear of making any mistakes! Rest-assured, our instructor’s guidance will show you how to paint and what to look out for, and only when you paint, our instructor is able to give you tips and advice on what you can improve on!

Our Dhoby Ghaut art studio

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Our MacPherson art studio

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Learn brush strokes and techniques by our art instructor to improve on your skills be it being a beginner level to advanced level to intermediate level!

nude life oil painting

Student using Oil Painting to complete his nude life painting

As every individual’s pace of learning may be different, but we do our best to cater to your learning speed and preferences, and do note that this is only a Trial class, more will be covered with the 12 sessions Oil Painting / 24  sessions Oil Painting / 48 sessions Oil Painting at Visual Arts Centre. We’ll recommend that you choose a course tailored to your objectives and time commitment to learning one or more mediums.

Oil Painting at Visual Arts Centre is for everyone! Adult and teenagers who have no former art training or experience in sketching/painting may start on this medium. Oil Painting is often compared with Acrylic Painting as both mediums are painted on canvas and look similar once dried. The former – Oil Painting – is a versatile medium consisting of pigments in oil suspension, while the latter – Acrylic Painting – is a water-based, fast drying medium which has a plastic-like texture once dried. Oils as a medium is often mistaken and misunderstood as an extremely difficult and intimidating medium, while Acrylic Painting is preferred for beginners. However, this is a myth! For any learners who would like to learn painting, Oils may offer you so much more due to the versatile nature of the medium that offers plenty of variations in styles, brushstrokes, techniques that can be applied with Oil painting!

life portrait painting with oil painting, student at Visual Arts Centre

Live Portrait Oil Painting

oil painting class singapore with all materials provided, visual arts centre

An impressive oil painting work by our student Jessie!


oil painting of the antelope canyon by student during oil painting class singapore, visual arts centre

our student is painting a scene of the antelope canyon from a recent trip! it’s a wonderful and fine work of art!

As the oil medium takes a longer time to dry, beginners can practise and pick up the finer intricacies of colour blending, textural exploration, apply wet-on-wet and other oil painting techniques and appreciate this medium as they practise and refine their skills as a painter.

About The Oil Painting trial session:
This 2 Hour 15 minutes session quickly introduces you to Oil Painting. Suitable for beginners or those in need of a refresher back to oil painting.

You will be taught to observe and paint from still-life compositions, and experience a first class of our Oil Painting course, which is available as a full course 12 sessions Oil Painting and 24 sessions Oil Painting, suitable for all levels, with instruction and guidance tailored to the individual during the oil painting session from our professional art teachers.

Fee: $55 NETT ONLY
All art materials (canvas, paint brushes, oil paints, solvents, palette, aprons etc) and refreshments are provided.

For more information about our full oil painting course, please CLICK HERE.

To reach Beginner’s Level in oil painting, we recommend that you take up the 12/24 Session art course.

For beginners, you will be exposed to sketching and painting the still-life sets we have set up in our studio. This is a good opportunity to practice your observational skills – looking at perspectives, lights and shadows and observing forms.


Call us at 6255 0711/ 67332155 or WhatsApp 6255 0711 to RSVP your attendance.

Oil painting Landscape work-in-progress

Find out more or to purchase the 12 session art course.

Call us at 6255 0711/ 67332155 or WhatsApp 6255 0711 to RSVP your attendance.

To learn to an intermediate / advanced level in oil painting, students are highly recommended to take up the 24/48 session art course. This art course would provide students with sufficient lessons to practice and hone their artistic skills in oil painting at a comfortable pace.

Find out more or to purchase the 24 sessions art course.  | Find out more or to purchase the 48 sessions art course.

For our more advanced students, you will get to learn how to paint mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful portraits. We have a selection of still-life bust figures that you can work on as well. Oil painting is a medium that require much time and patience, after learning the techniques of oil painting, students can continue to work harder subjects as such.

Portrait oil painting done by our student.

Landscape Oil Painting

Student working on the details of her oil painting masterpiece.

Students working on oil painting, selecting the landscape of her choice.

Landscape Oil Painting

Student working on an oil painting of her favorite animal.

Landscape Oil Painting

Our student with her completed plaster cast.

Teacher’s step-by-step demonstration on Portrait Oil Painting



Our Studios!

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Saturday: 10.30AM – 12.45PM, 1PM – 3.15PM
Sunday: 10.30AM – 12.45PM, 1PM – 3.15PM

Course description:


SAT 10.30am-12.45pm, 1pm-3.15pm

SUN 10.30am-12.45pm, 1pm-3.15pm

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Every Saturday - Sunday, from 27 June 2021 - 31 December 2021


SAT 10.30am-12.45pm, 1pm-3.15pm SUN 10.30am-12.45pm, 1pm-3.15pm

Number of Sessions:

1 Session

Course Fees:

S$ 55


Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Studio

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated.

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