The best Robotics Kids Holiday Camp is here! Is your kid curious, talking about Robots, outer space and extremely excited for technology and engineering? We have the best Robotics Kids Holiday Camp in Singapore! Parents and kids can look forward to this STEM focused Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Camp suitable for ages 7-12 in this year end holiday period! With an intense curriculum packed with Robot action, experience robotics like never before with the advanced Lego Mindstorms EV3 software.  Come join us for a fun and action packed 2 days kids robotics camp of 15 hours in total and be completely thrilled and satisfied with your kids’ advanced robotics skills.

So what is Robotics and how does learning Robotics benefit children?


Here are the 8 reasons why Robotics is great for children:

(1) Robotics improves creativity  

Robotics, as defined as the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Robotics teaches students creative thinking skills by incorporating both fun and creativity. Students understand the logic of robotics and are encouraged to experiment and push the boundaries of innovation by designing their own robot, planning robot movements and exploring a variety of functions. The hands-on practice of 3D modeling also improves motor skills and coordination. Robotics projects challenges students in multiple thinking dimensions.

fun_learning_robotics_Singapore(2) Robotics improves logical thinking skills

As kids discover the wonderful world of robotics, they also understand and develop an appreciation for robot design and construction, robot gears, motor movements, and various functions that can be designed using sensors and other tools. This is an entire project from beginning to the end, building bricks of Lego step by step to form a complete robot with its own uniqueness and cool functions! Who wouldn’t be excited by that! In this full process of robot building, logic is crucial. Students learn to plan with logic and see to their creations through trials and testing and appreciate the fine engineering which is put into practice here. Logic thinking and planning and the logical instinct is developed. And it is true, robotics is good for children and logic thinking skills can be enhanced.

(3) Robotics equips a child with programming skills 

Programming is an increasingly important skill to have in our rapidly developing society. Programming and coding skills and knowledge allows kids to understand the science behind various programmes and platforms. With an early start in programming and Robotics, kids are better prepared to understand programming language and what it can do. The hands-on projects that they accomplish with their programming skills also empower them with the confidence in programming!

(4) Robotics improves design thinking, planning and engineering skills

Students will gain an understanding of robotics science and appreciate the design of various robots. They can experiment and discuss their own robot designs. As they build their colour sorter robot and race car robot, they apply design thinking skills in customising their design with robot functions and motion in mind. Students will learn about design and put their planning and engineering skills to test. Fear not of failure as there is always room for experimentation! Our professional instructors come from engineering and programming backgrounds and will be there to guide and motivate students to accomplish their projects!

Kids building robots Singapore









(5) Robotics improves concentration and focus

Robotics learning is an engaging hands-on learning experience. Kids learn robotics knowledge which they can apply in their projects. The hands-on nature of the projects enhances concentration and attention levels, and students have to be very focused when building and designing their projects, as they will realise that each step builds on from the last and having an overall plan and keeping to it is important.

(6) Robotics encourages team work and experimentation

Many mini projects may engage students to work in small teams to jointly assemble the robots and test how sensors can be used before they design their own robots independently. Experimentation is encouraged and there is no right or wrong! Students are free to explore and experiment on their robot design and on a variety of functions with their robots.

(7) Robotics can build a kid’s character

Robotics encourages resilience and perseverance. As students progress from simpler projects to complicated robot design and engineering functions, they’ll require a lot more focus and dedication to complete their projects successfully. From design planning to construction, attention to detail and continuing when it isn’t working, students get used to working hard for their goals and see that they can stretch themselves further! They’ll also feel extremely satisfied when they overcome challenges and their robots performing!

(8) Robotics can empower a child with greater confidence!

Students learn how to build a robot and experiment robot design with their own creative input. As they gain knowledge on robotics and construct their own robots, they gain confidence that they can be good in robotics and they are able to use this knowledge and hands-on practise when they work on similar robotics projects or even non-robotics hands-on projects! Students will experience the full process of real robotics in action, from planning, designing, constructing, to programming and using robot gears, functions and sensors, they are the confident engineers of their robots!

Lastly, robotics is super fun! The robots look really cool and robotics is great for both girls and boys to pick up! Your kids also get to experience for themselves if they have an affinity for engineering and programming, and even design!

Fulfil childhood dreams and sign them up for this wonderful 2 day programme today!

Date/Time: 30 November & 1 December 2019, 10am-6pm (1st day), 10am-5pm (2nd day)
Venue: Cathay Level 4 Thirsty 4 Balls
Cost: $330 nett for 1 kid, $590 nett for 2 kids
All materials and tools are provided. Lunch, free flow warm/cold water and tea break is provided.

Course description:

Learning objectives:
– LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 software uses and application
– Design and construction of robots
– Project I: construct the Colour Sorter Robot, and drive robot
– Robot motors, control of robot movements using sensors
– Sensors and application of various sensors
– Project II: construct the Race Car Robot and drive robot
– Project III: multiple mini tasks – using sensors to programme robots and testing robots
– Conclusion of projects & discoveries – individual summary and notes, individual video clips of accomplished projects
Explore the world of Robotics with Lego® Mindstorms EV3, an internationally popular software platform. This two day camp begins with an introduction to EV3 and robotics, and is followed by hands-on projects to design, construct and programme robots. Students will learn to build and programme the Colour Sorter Robot and the Race Car Robot, be introduced to robot motion and how to control robot movements, learn to use various sensors to program robots and accomplish mini robotics projects in this camp!


Every Saturday - Sunday, from 30 November 2019 - 1 December 2019


10am-6pm / 10am-5pm

Number of Sessions:

2 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 330


Cathay Level 4 Thirsty 4 Balls

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated on 30 November & 1 December 2019.

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