Art Immersion 50 Sessions (Drawing and Sketching/Acrylic Painting/Watercolour Painting)

A wonderful course at VAC – 50 Sessions , a year-long professional art course, includes Drawing and Sketching, Watercolour Painting and Acrylic Painting

This course is suitable for all levels. Students progressively develop a higher level of skills and proficiency in painting and drawing, depending on the medium(s) of their focus and learning, as there are choices of mediums of Acrylic Painting/Watercolour Painting and Drawing and Sketching. Students who choose Drawing and Sketching with a painting medium is able to develop an intermediate or higher competency level, and would be able to manage harder subjects such as: advanced landscape drawing or painting, portrait and plaster casts drawing/painting.

Through these 50 sessions of guided art classes, learners can look forward to gain an intermediate to advanced level of competency for their choice of medium, or gain an intermediate level of competency across multiple mediums. One can also anticipate being exposed to more techniques and skills through the 50 sessions, from learning the basics to the more advanced techniques of handling each medium. Learners can also look forward to being able to complete many pieces of artworks that they can bring home thereafter!


Drawing and sketching piece of a still life set up.
One of our still life set ups.
Student’s Masterpiece: Drawing and Sketching of Still Life

Watercolour Painting of Still Life
Advanced portrait painting using watercolour paints.
Watercolour Figure Painting
Our student working on her acrylic painting of a landscape.
Working on the details of her Venice painting using acrylic paints.
With the 50-session package (of validity of 16 monthes), you will be able to tackle not just the basics of Drawing and Sketching and Painting of still life but also meddle with Drawing and Sketching , Watercolour and Acrylic Painting of landscapes or portrait or your choice.

Course description:

Each session runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Our class schedules are as followed:


MON 5PM-7.15PM / 7:30PM – 9:45PM*

WED 11AM-1.15PM / 1:30PM – 3:45PM*

THU 11AM- 1:15PM* / 1.30PM-3.45PM *

FRI 7.30PM-9.45PM* (NEW CLASS – Enquire with us)

SAT 1o.30AM-12.45PM / 1PM-3.15PM / 3.30PM-5.45PM*

SUN 10:30AM – 12:45PM/ 1:00PM – 3:15PM

*Watercolour Paintings are provided on these days

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Every MondayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday - Sunday, from 21 August 2019 - 31 December 2021


Mon 5pm - 7.15pm, 7.30pm - 9.45pm | Wed 11am-1.15pm, 1.30pm - 3.45pm, | Thurs 11am - 1.15pm, 1.30pm-3.45pm | Fri 7:30pm-9.45pm(NEW CLASS - Enquire with us), | Sat 10.30am-12.45pm, 1pm-3.15pm. 3.30pm-5.45pm | Sun 10.30am - 12.45pm, 1pm - 3.15pm

Number of Sessions:

50 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 1880


Visual Arts Centre

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated.

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