Traditional Fun Chinese Ink Calligraphy and Painting classes in Singapore!

Have you always wanted to try to do traditional Chinese Ink Calligraphy or how to do a Chinese Ink Painting in Singapore at an affordable rate?

Learn the beautiful, therapeutic and tradition rich medium of Chinese Ink Painting, which is also a prominent form of art in Japan and Korea. Chinese ink painting is more similar to watercolour, and the key to it lies in the poetic feeling it is meant to achieve. The ratio between water and ink is what’s most important here. For those who have not tried this art form, do not hesitate to give it a try – it will open your eyes to a whole new world of creative expression!

Chinese ink painting, subject of Sparrows, on mounted fan

                                        Chinese ink painting class

Chinese Ink Painting is different from other forms of painting. It relies on the artist’s ability to capture the essence of the subjects and using limited inks and colours to portray it on to a painting. The aesthetic principles of Chinese Ink Painting relies heavily on the spirit of the subject, not the likeness of forms. Chinese Ink Painting is a representation of Chinese Art. Basic Chinese ink painting features the water and ink, black and white. Delving deeper into the Chinese Ink Art, there is the meticulous paintings of flowers like peonies and birds, with its vibrant colours, are also known as Chinese Ink Painting. The features of Chinese Ink painting are realistic representation close subjects,  abstraction of distant subjects, subtle colours and a rich artistic conception.

Here at Visual Arts Centre. our professional art instructors are able to guide you through the history of Chinese ink Painting as well as to guide you through a step by step process to understand and learn the basics of Chinese Ink Painting at an affordable rates! With the guidance from our instructors and – just a brush loaded with ink and water, you are able to compose your Chinese ink paintings on rice paper. Chinese ink painting involves blending and tactful composition, expressing the essence and spiritual elements of the subjects.

                                          famous and traditional bamboo chinese ink painting – calligraphy

Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy Lesson Objectives (12 Sessions):

(1) Materials knowledge, brief history of Chinese Ink Painting

(2) Compositional skills, brushworks, techniques – through learning:

  • Four gentlemen – plum blossoms, chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchids
  • Birds and flowers
  • Introduction to landscape painting
  • Introduction to abstract/semi-abstract Chinese landscape painting
  • Calligraphy practise in every session (to understand brushwork, calligraphy strokes)
Our affordable Chinese Ink Painting course provides art instruction and guidance from a foundational level. This is to bridge any previous knowledge, and to better guide complete beginners through a step-by-step approach.]

Chinese Ink Painting class where students learn how to paint famous subjects and calligraphy


If you are interested in our Chinese Ink Painting,  please click here and book a Chinese Ink Painting One Single Workshop with us!

Chinese Ink Painting Class Online via Zoom

In light of Covid-19, Visual Arts Centre is here to help you learn Chinese Ink Painting from the comfort of your own homes!

Learn_Chinese_Ink_Painting_Online_Visual_Arts_Centre_Singapore_Best_Art_Course_Online_Zoom_Live_Art_Sessionsaffordable_chinese_ink_painting_class_affordable_chinese_ink_painting_course_fan_painting_watercolour, chinese_ink, chinese_ink_brush_strokes, _ink _painting_online_session, step_by_step, art_course_class_schedule

                                                 Learn Chinese Ink with demonstrations – step by step


                                                        Famous Chinese Ink Painting step by step guide!

Suitable for beginners to advanced levels, teenagers and adults may join this class!

Subjects/Topics: Fan Painting I – Plum Blossoms; Fan Painting II – Chrysanthemum; Fan Painting III – Orchids; Fan Painting IV – Bamboo. (Complete one artwork per session, four artworks for the entire Fan Painting series)

The Chinese Ink Painting Zoom Online Art Class is an interactive art session conducted in a clear and guided manner by Visual Arts Centre’s professional art instructor(s) and include step by step demonstration, with art learners being able to follow through the steps, receive tips and guidance at each step and be able to complete an artwork at the end of 2Hours and 15Minutes. With an artwork completed at the end of each session, you can choose and pick any four sessions to attend at $180 nett only, or attend one single session at $75nett. The art class has a 5-15pax capacity and is suitable for teenagers and adult learners of all ages and experience.


                                                          Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy done by student!

Advantages of our Zoom Online Art Class @Visual Arts CentreSingapore

+ High quality, professional art class, workshop style so you can accomplish one artwork per session

+ 2Hours 15 Mins per session with step by step guidance, art instructor’s live demonstration

+ Suitable for beginners, teenagers to adults of all ages

+ Small class size 5pax-15pax with feedback and direct tips and instruction during the art class

+ Learn Chinese ink painting through the academy school approach, able to utilise these skills and enhance your Chinese ink painting ability


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