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What and Where Are Singapore’s Best Art Courses – come down to Visual Arts Centre Art Studio today!

Visual Arts Centre offers professional art courses for kids, teenager and adults alike. From beginners with no art background, to those with art experience but want to improve their skills, our art courses are suitable for you! We offer a wide range of courses.  For adults coming for art class, we offer oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolour painting, Chinese ink painting, drawing and sketching! For teenagers, we have portfolio preparation class, art enrichment class and student holiday art camp. For kids, we have creative art class, creative Chinese Ink painting class and creative clay sculpting class. Be it for art teacher training or art jamming team bonding or to pick up art as a hobby, we have the right art course for you!

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We are currently offering Holiday Art Immersion Programmes this Nov/Dec holiday! Courses suitable for those aged 6-16 are available right now, have the chance to learn drawing, painting, manga, graffiti and more!

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Holiday Art Immersion for KIDS

Art Exploration Series – KIDS Holiday Art Immersion Course

Holiday Arts Immersion for YOUTHS

Art Exploration Series – YOUTHS Holiday Art Immersion Course

What are these Holiday Programmes about?

Offered in 8 and 12 sessions, these holiday art classes are targeted to let students have an enriching holiday! Destress through art and pick up a new skill that creatively challenges your self to think out of the box!

Learn Drawing & Sketching, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour Painting, Manga and Illustration, Graffiti Art, Urban Landscape Sketching and Multi-Media Abstract Art!


Get started ASAP. Our art studio provides all the necessary art materials you need, so you can come for art classes freely! By absorbing the huge initial costs for art materials, you will be able to get started with your art courses quickly and easily while your passion for art burns!

Flexibility. We understand the difficulty of juggling art classes on top of your already busy daily activities, thus we go out of our way to make things easy for you. Unlike other Art Studios, our art courses are based on a flexible and customisable schedule system, which allows students to select the days they wish to come for art lessons each week instead of having to commit to a fixed time slot.

   Our Dhoby Ghaut Art studio

(accessible from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station Exit B)


Our MacPherson Art Studio

(located at AZ @ Paya Lebar #03-04)


Interested in signing up for professional art lessons, but unsure of what to expect?

Here at Visual Arts Centre, we offer professional art courses for adults, teenagers and kids alike. Read on to understand more about what it is we do at our professional art courses in Visual Arts Centre and sign up now!


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Drawing and Sketching Course

In this art course, students will be exposed to many different subject matters and learn to replicate the appearance of each using proper drawing and sketching techniques. The focus of this course includes: observation of still-life set-ups, figure drawing, landscapes, plaster casts and speed drawing. This course is suitable for adults and teenagers.

Students are doing sketches in our class

    A student’s completed study of the still life set-up.

A student finishing up her plaster cast sketch

Completed Landscape Sketching Artworks

Oil Painting Course

In this art course, the focus of each lesson would be to explore oil paint as a medium through the understanding of its properties. Colour mixing, blending and tonal appreciation are some of the many topics that will be covered by our experienced art teacher. Students will explore still life, landscapes, portraits, abstract compositions, as well as bring photo references to create their own masterpieces. This course is suitable for adults and teenagers.












A student is touching up her portrait painting             

Student who just finished her artwork

An oil painting of the plaster cast done by our student.


For our more advanced students, portraits in oil paint are a fun way to challenge their skills.


Students are able to bring their own photo references to create meaningful works of personal significance.

Acrylic Painting Course

Through the sessions (either 8 sessions, 12 sessions art immersion or 24 sessions art immersion), you will slowly grasp the many techniques needed for acrylic painting and also learn how this medium differs from others. We understand that different people will have different art experiences – some might have not held a paint brush since their schooling days while some might have had much experience. As such, our professional trained art instructors will cater to your different pace of learning to ensure everyone gets specific and personalised instructions and guidance that will benefit you the most. This course is suitable for adults, teenagers and kids.

(left: References Image, right: Student’s Landscape Painting)Professional Acrylic Landscape Painting

(left: References Image, right: Student’s Landscape Painting)

Watercolour Course

In this course, you will be exposed to the basics of watercolour painting and get acquainted with the medium. Our instructor will be guiding you on the foundations of drawing and sketching, before teaching you how to use watercolour paints. You will be familiarised with the types of brushes to use and basic watercolour techniques such as colour blending. This is a good introductory course for anyone keen in learning watercolour, with a fuss-free experience. After this 12 session watercolour course, you will be able to attain a foundational level of competency in this medium. This course is suitable for adults, teenagers and kids.

Watercolour landscape

Watercolour still life

watercolour still-life painting

Watercolour Portrait Painting

Chinese Ink Painting Course

In this affordable Chinese Ink Painting class, students will be introduced to learn the Chinese brush strokes techniques, materials and skills required in Chinese Ink Painting. The art form itself is tricky to master – the brushstrokes and the way to manoeuvre ink and water.

Gain an appreciation and understanding to Chinese ink painting practise and composition with this affordable Chinese art course. Students will be able to pick up Chinese ink painting techniques starting from the foundation of Chinese Ink Painting, learning subjects such as the “four gentlemen” – plum blossoms, chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchids first, then moving on to learning popular subjects of birds and flowers, then an introduction of creative abstraction with landscape painting. This course is suitable for adults, teenagers and kids.

Professional Chinese Ink Painting Art Course in Singapore

Finish One Chinese Ink Painting Artwork Each Session

Portfolio Preparation Course

Every young artist has their own interests. With that into consideration, our professionally trained instructors will train your kid from the utmost basics of drawing and sketching to producing their own unique style of artworks over a period of time. Our goal is to help your kid build a good foundation and slowly – as time goes by, help them find their niche and cultivate their creativity. This is suitable for teenagers applying for higher education in art-related courses and for kids applying for Visual Art DSA.

We broke down 3 key criteria we have collated from some of the top local and global art schools:

  1. Good Foundational Art Skills in Different Mediums
  2. A Diverse Range of Skills That Showcases Your Unique Style and Capabilities
  3. Clear Display of Logical Thinking and Development of Artwork


Our student during a foundational skill practice for portfolio preparation

Our student and her completed sketch practice


portfolio preparation course SingaporeA student and his completed portfolio


For Art Course Enquiry, please email [email protected] or call/WhatsApp +65 6255 0711

Nude Life Drawing Lesson

This workshop is very different from all other art courses as it involves an actual nude model posing in the studio for our students. Our experienced teacher will first demonstrate how to capture the various tonal values, weight and body parts of the model before guiding students in their observational sketches. This course focuses on the drawing of nude life models through observation, study of human anatomy and gestural drawing. No prior experience is required to register for this workshop! This course is suitable for adults only.

In these sessions, our students are able to observe the nude model in person to create more anatomically accurate sketches.Students are able to use graphite pencils, charcoal and watercolour to render the nude subject on paper.

Come and Join Our Nude Life lesson


Portrait Lesson

In this course, the students will receive professional guidance from an artist in portrait drawing and sketching. Suitable for those with experience in portrait drawing or even for beginners without any experience in sketching, this session will introduce plenty of sketching skills and techniques to you! With the actual model, practise portrait drawing and receive tips and guidance on your work. Take this opportunity to try portrait drawing and sketching if you have always wanted to put your skills to the test! And bring home your completed portrait drawing works. This course is suitable for adults and teenagers.

Life sketching with male portrait model, our art instructor will be guiding and instructing during the session!

A student’s completed portrait sketch.

For Art Course Enquiry, please email [email protected] or call/WhatsApp +65 6255 0711

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Acrylic Painting / Watercolour Painting trial class ONLY $48, Drawing & Sketching trial class ONLY $45. Click the following link and sign up RIGHT NOW!


Our Art Courses provide a flexible schedule:

Here at Visual Arts Centre, we provide professional art courses:

For Art Course Enquiry, please email [email protected] or call/WhatsApp +65 6255 0711

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We hope to see you at Visual Arts Centre soon to kickstart an exciting journey in art!

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