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Art has always be acknowledged as an outlet and expression of emotions for artists and children, people channel their feelings and emotions that they cannot express normally into beautiful creations of self expression. It is a channel for people to express the emotions that they cannot put into words, arts puts these emotions into visual perspective and is not hindered by language, it is a universal platform of expression.

For children, expressing themselves through art is even more so important for the young ones who have not yet learnt the vocabulary to express their feelings to others or for the ones who cannot cope with these feelings properly and need a physical outlet to channel the emotions that they feel. It is important that these feelings that children feel are managed well and expressed healthily so as to ensure that the children grow up emotionally well and learn to cope with unhealthy feelings healthily.

In dealing with negative emotions, we often see babies cry and toddlers having a meltdown because they don’t know how else to express their emotions and deal with them. The goal of using art to help children manage their emotions is to teach them to use art to vent, express, help others understand them and help themselves understand why they are feeling that way. Art has no boundaries and no template and as such the child is free to do whatever they wish, even if it is colouring the whole paper red to express their anger.

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In the process of using art to cope with their emotions, kids also develop critical thinking skills and creativity as they think of new and unique ways to express their emotions into art. Emotions are intangible products and as such there is some difficulty and abstractness required to portray but at the same time because it is intangible there are endless ways which the child can explore to express them.

There is a multitude of mediums available for kids to choose from, crayons, colour pencils, paints, even clay.

Looking for activities to join during the June Holidays? Visual Arts Centre has 2 Kids Camps planned!

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