26 December to 27 December 2018

MULCIP ART 3rd Exhibition

26 December to 27 December 2018

Mulcip Art 3rd Exhibition is an art exhibition held by Ms Kim Ah Yean and 14 other talented child artists.

MULCIP is an integrative design education program designed to help self-development based on five theories:

1. Media Literacy, which is the basic foundation

of the world of works,

2. Arts Propel’s Process Propel, which provides self-reflection criteria through process-focused evaluation,

3. Multiple

Intelligence, which helps to select what to focus on to develop the theme,

4. Multi Cultural, which provides my current location and global

scalability, and

5. Design Discourse, which sets the standards for how to style the work and work process.

MULCIP is composed of the above five theories and give and receive influences throughout the whole social circulation process of art, from preparation to production to communication

after completing the work.

This 3rd Exhibition of MULCIP ART shows you the world of very several talented kids ages, ages 8 to 13, through their magnificent paintings:

Ahrin Lina Lee 이아린

Chloe Lee 이세연

Christine Lee 이지효

Cindy Yoon 윤예지

Ella Se-ryung Yokota 엘라 세령 요코타

InJoon Song 송인준

Kim YeonJune 김연준

Lee San 이 산

Lee Yoonseo 이윤서

Mia Chaeeun Park 박채 은

Ng Xin Yu 엉신위

Rachel Soyoung Pak 박소영

Yang Habin 양해빈

Exhibition Dates/Time:

26th Dec 2018 (4pm – 10pm)

27th Dec 2018 (11am – 8pm)


Into my world, with 14 artists

The MULCIP program also incorporated the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education developed by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Korea Science and Technology Foundation for the development of convergent human resources to methodologically help educate students through the subject convergent education led by an artistic perspective.

Although the educational contents slightly differ by country, the subject convergent education will help as a worldwide educational trend to visually solidify high-dimensional intangible thoughts and concepts in the 4th Industrial Revolution, where the integration of different fields is essential. Even when applied for a short term, it is clear that art will function as a bridge between different educational fields to be of great help in unpredictable application research and in-depth study in the global partnership with different cultural backgrounds.

For Ms Kim Yean herself, it has been five years since she moved to Singapore with the MULCIP program, which was designed as her doctoral thesis in 2013. She realized that how much efforts are required to have one more study field for my students Singapore, who have to learn three or more languages and study curriculums of different countries at the same time. Nonetheless, her efforts to take a long time to complete the work have finally came together and are projected on the canvas to deliver the message to the world.