12 December to 19 December 2016

Hearing Images & Seeing Sound

12 December to 19 December 2016

invitationgif-3-duplicatwExhibition Preview: 14 December 2016, 6:30pm – 9:30pm


What happens when two musicians collaborate with three visual artists? How does a composer ‘see’ the sounds that come out of a drawing or a sculpture? Can a drawing or a sculpture be made to ‘sing’? These were some of the questions that the five artists embarked on in Hearing Images & Seeing Sounds.

This project is about practitioners from different disciplines, genres and media engaging in each other’s works and modes of production while adding their own interpretations and expressions from sculpture to video, from drawing to singers.

Hearing Images & Seeing Sound | A collaborative performance-installation that attempts a transition between mediums (performance, sculpture, drawing, video and sound), where one takes on the quality of the other. Rather than merely displaying interest in the translation of inherent qualities of each medium, these works show how one can inhabit the other and interpret interaction and performativity.

Conceived by Dr Robert Casteels, this project brings together visual artists Milenko Prvacki, Joshua Yang, and Hilmi Johandi, composer and conductor Robert Casteels as well as electro-acoustician and e-luthier Dirk Stromberg. Singers Evelyn Ang, Angela Cortez, Melissa Estrella, Daniel Ho, Jeremy Koh, David Ng, Leslie Tay and Felicia Teo interpret the graphic score consisting of Joshua Yang’s Still Life in Blue Minor, No.1 and 2, whilst the sound of their voice is transformed in real time by Dirk Stromb

Exhibition Dates: 12 – 19 December 2016, 11am – 8pm daily

Venue: Visual Arts Centre. 10 Penang Road, 01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, S(238469)


Supported by a Creation Grant of the National Arts Council.

Composition by Robert Casteels:

1. Echoes: Improv #1 (After Joshua’s Centre of Gravity), Single channel video, 2016


Artwork by Milenko Prvacki:

1. Vertical Dictionary 1, 2016, mixed media object, 210X30X30cm

2. Vertical Dictionary 2, 2016, mixed media object, 160X30X30cm

3. Horizontal Dictionary, 2016, mixed media object, 48X43X 244cm


Artwork by Joshua Yang:

1. Still Life in Blue Minor, No.1, Archival ink on paper, 101.6cm x 101.6ccm

2. Still Life in Blue Minor, No.2, Archival ink on paper, 101.6cm x 101.6cm

3. Still Life in Blue Minor, No.3, Archival ink on paper, 101.6cm x 180cm

4. Shading the Shadows, graphite on paper, 91.4cm x 205.7cm

5. Centre of Gravity, oil-based marker on tempered glass, 77cm dia.

6. Found Ultrasound, oil-based marker on tempered glass, dimensions variable


Artwork by Hilmi Johandi:

1. Echoes: Improv #1 (After Joshua’s Centre of Gravity), Single channel video, 2016

2. Echoes: Improv #2 (Monologue after Still Life in Blue Minor #1), single channel

video, 2016

3. Echoes: Improv #3 (Monologue after Still Life in Blue Minor #2), single channel

video, 2016

4. Echoes: Improv #4 (After Shading the Shadows & Vertical Dictionary 1), single

channel video , 2016


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