Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Art Classes

Hold that phone call to the tuition center! Holidays enrichment classes may seem as a practical choice to enroll your child in. However, research and studies have shown that art education can benefit your child’s grades just as well. Here are some reasons why you should consider art classes over other enrichment classes this holidays season!


The timeframe of the holidays calls for the most efficient class to enrich your child. A 2002 report by the Arts Education Partnership revealed that children who are exposed to the arts tend to be better at reading, writing, and math. The wide range of benefits for your child’s development meant that art classes allow you to spend more quality time with your child. Moreover, it will cost you so much less than enrolling your child into 3 different classes this holiday.

However, art classes are not so much about savings. Art classes do not merely provide an outlet for your child to express creatively. These classes also help them connect to the world, making them better community members. Many of us often remember the horror of the classroom: that 30 by 40 feet concrete box we were isolated into. Art classes help your child to look beyond these concrete walls with humility. Thereby, letting them understand the world through the lenses of others. Learning to empathize is the very first step for your child to develop into a future leader.


10 months worth of assignments and homework can be taxing on your child’s mental wellness. Other than its therapeutic abilities, art classes often make your child a happier person. While the integration of arts into your child’s development can translate into better grades, a cheerful child is often a more sociable student. It is really important for your child to take this month-long holiday as a break. Other than rejuvenating their mental state, a well-taken break can excite your child your the upcoming school term!

The Visual Arts Centre will be having oil painting masterclass this school holidays. Classes are suitable for all levels and experience in art and painting. Click here to learn more about the masterclass.