Watercolour Painting 水彩画

We are pleased to introduce to you our new Watercolour Painting classes at VAC!

Immerse in the vibrant world of watercolour in this course. Exploring a diverse range of subjects and themes from tropical fruits and flowers, to landscape, architecture and plein-air painting, students will learn the foundation of watercolour painting and acquire the technical skills required to observe, compose, sketch and paint a variety of subjects, with various watercolour techniques! 

This course will introduce students to basic art theory and materials knowledge, watercolour theory, mixing & colours usage, and watercolour brush work and techniques. Above all, develop an appreciation for fine art and your own painting capabilities. 

This course provides all course materials: artist grade watercolour paper, high quality watercolour paints, watercolour brushes, palettes, etc. Suitable for complete beginners without any drawing or painting experience, as well as intermediate to advanced painters. You may refer to the lesson schedules below to join our classes.




Course description:

Suitable for beginners to those with experience in sketching and other mediums, students will be introduced to the foundations of watercolour painting and learn the many techniques involved in producing a good watercolour painting. Each lesson in the course will have a different subject matter and learning objective, ranging from foundational knowledge to advanced techniques.

This course is also suitable for those with experience in watercolour as a refresher to proper painting techniques.

After 10 sessions, students will acquire a foundational level of competency and should be comfortable painting still life and landscapes. Moving forward, students will be able to choose their focus of study on landscape, architecture, advanced still life subjects or portraiture and life drawing. This course is suitable for those who have no foundation in any form of art, and those interested in picking up watercolour painting. Basic drawing and sketching techniques, as well as observational skills will also be taught over the course of the lessons.


Choice of lesson schedule:

MON 5pm – 7.15pm/ 7.30pm – 9.45pm

WED 1.30pm – 3:45pm

THURS 11.00am – 1.15pm

SUN 1pm – 3.15pm

10 sessions: $460

18 sessions: $800

28 sessions: $1, 160

*all materials are included in this course and students may bring back all completed works

Call us at 6255 0711/ 67332155 to book a slot or message us to register your interest.



Every MondayWednesdayThursday - Sunday, from 1 December 2018 - 31 December 2021


Mon 5pm - 7.15pm/ 7.30pm - 9.45pm | Wed 1.30pm - 3.45pm | Thurs 11am - 1.15pm | Sun 1pm - 3.15pm

Number of Sessions:

10 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 460


Visual Arts Centre

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated. For the 10 sessions package, a maximum of 2 make-up classes will be afforded for missed classes.

Interested in this course??

Call us at 6255 0711 / 6733 2155, or email us at info@visualartscentre.sg to enquire / register about this course

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