Professional Drawing & Sketching 8 Lessons 专业素描课程

Drawing and Sketching

We are all fascinated when we see a black and white hyper-realist picture and upon taking a closer look, it turns out to be a drawing! That is absolutely right! Drawing and sketching can achieve wonders and this is one of the most traditional and foundational elements in fine art practice, whichever mediums an artist develops in, while the pencil and black and whites are an important medium in itself. Drawing and sketching mediums are pencil, pen, graphite sticks and charcoal.

Take your drawing and sketching talents to greater heights with Visual Arts Centre’s professional drawing and sketching classes!

The practice of drawing and sketching is the foundation of all visual arts. Through the usage of line and tone, solidity and depth is achieved, giving life to three-dimensional forms on a piece of paper. Systematic training in drawing is not only the first step into the world of art making but it is in fact, much more than that. The practice of drawing is therapeutic in nature and helps also cultivates patience, mental alertness, and perseverance.  This course is an introduction to the discipline of drawing, through the honoured tradition of the sketch- the conception of every great piece of art.

Our course is suitable for beginners and artists of all levels of experience and age groups. Students will learn basic concepts of proportion, composition, and shading, and will be given exclusive access to various still life objects and plaster castes, designed to help the student learn. Once the student has cultivated their artistic talents, they can create sketches and drawings of their choice, whatever it may be, under the guidance of a professionally trained artist.


Drawing and Sketching Class Outline:

Beginner Drawing and Sketching class (8 sessions) will include all of the foundation 12 sessions and from the 13th session onwards, higher level drawing and sketching will be introduced. Areas covered (tailored to individual learning goals)

Learning Objectives:

  1. Complex drawings and sketching still life set(s)
  2. Plaster Casts facial features, eye, nose, ear, hand etc
  3. Learn quick sketching figure drawing/ landscape sketching
  4. Complete one portrait sketch
  5. Landscape sketching, architectural sketching, pen/ink sketching

Learning is tailored to preferences and also arranged by the art teacher so that the student is able to master drawing and sketching techniques at each stage. Intermediate class allows one to build strong foundation and start on portrait drawing and sketching, which focuses is focused in the advanced class, after 24 sessions.

Course description:


Every MondayWednesdayThursdaySaturday - Sunday, from 1 January 2019 - 31 December 2021


Mon 5pm - 7.15pm / 7:30pm - 9.45pm | Wed 11am - 1:15pm / 1:30pm - 3:45pm | Thurs 11am - 1:15pm | Sat 10:30am - 12:45pm / 1pm - 3:15pm / 3.30pm - 5.45pm | Sun 10.30am - 12.45pm / 1:00pm - 3:15pm

Number of Sessions:

8 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 320


Visual Arts Centre, Studio

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated.

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