Art Instructors

Zhang Chun Lei

Zhang Chunlei was born in December 1969, Shanghai, China. He served as an apprentice under renowned Chinese painting artist Master Jiang Fengbai in early years. He graduated from Suzhou University School of Arts with a professional certificate in decoration design in July 1992. In 1995, Mr Zhang went to Japan for cultural exchanges on invitation by the Japanese art community. He was then engaged by Singapore employers to carry out art-related works from 1996, during which he took up further education courses. In 2003, He obtained MBA Master Degree from University of South Australia. Mr Zhang is a registered member of the National Arts Council of Singapore. He is currently the Art Director of Xiao Zhang Design.


Courses conducted by this instructor: Acrylic Painting 丙烯画, Drawing & Sketching 素描,

Ron Wong

Ron Wong profile                 Born in Macau in 1983, raised in Singapore and trained in Shanghai, Ron Wong graduated with a Master of Fine Art from the Shanghai University College of Fine Art in 2008. Ron's figurative oil paintings are at once both familiar and ironic. It is an insightful, critical and reflective take on society, touching on its positive and negative aspects with a touch of witty humour and honest, yet non-judgmental sensibility. Gifted with a keen sense of observation and schooled in the painterly tradition, Ron creates her soulful paintings that reflect the humanity in us. Her reasons for distorting her figures to the point of near-caricature are not a formal one. She distorts her figurative subjects because they are what she sees in them. Ron held her first solo exhibition at M50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai in 2009, her 2nd solo show at the Yangzhou Art Museum, Yangzhou, China in July 2012 and in 2013, was invited for a 3rd solo show at the Ernst & Young Gallery as part of the prestigious Ernst & Young ASEAN Art Outreach Program.


Courses conducted by this instructor: Drawing & Sketching 素描,

Wang Fei

Wang Fei is an artist from Beijing who specializes in oil painting and Chinese calligraphy. Currently residing in Singapore, his blend of cross culture inspired artworks are collected by celebrities as well as people from all walks of life. After graduating from the prestigious Beijing Art & Design School, the artist moved to Singapore in 1995, where he obtained another Diploma from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. For over a decade, he has worked in the local commercial design scene, starting a corporate career as a designer and eventually becoming Creative Director.


Courses conducted by this instructor: Drawing & Sketching 素描, Oil Painting 油画,