Art Immersion Package

Are you looking to pick up art as a hobby for the year? Art Immersion packages are now offered here at Visual Arts Centre, located conveniently at Dhoby Ghaut Green. For flexible sessions that are catered to your very own schedule, all of our art course promises that students will not only gain a new skill but also allow them to enjoy the joy of creating pieces of art, all from scratch. Our Art Immersion packages would introduce the following mediums and hone the skills of students through Drawing & Sketching, Acrylic Painting and Oil Painting.

8 Sessions (Oil Painting): 8 Sessions of tailored learning for Oil Painting Course
Art Immersion Package (12 Sessions): 12 Sessions of tailored learning for all mediums.
Art Immersion Package (24 Sessions): 24 Sessions of tailored learning for all mediums, comes with an additional 2 free sessions worth $96!
One-Year Art Immersion Package: 48 Sessions of tailored learning for all mediums, comes with an additional 4 free sessions worth $192!

Drawing & Sketching: Through the usage of line and tone, solidity and depth is achieved, giving life to three-dimensional forms on a piece of paper. Systematic training in drawing is the first step into the world of art making. But more than that, it also cultivates patience, mental alertness, and perseverance. Students will learn basic concepts of proportion and composition, (representational ability), represent and give weight to objects using shading (light, contrast, representation/form) and will work with various still life objects and plaster casts. This course aims to be an introduction to the discipline of drawing, through the honoured tradition of the sketch – the conception of every great piece of art.

Acrylic Painting: Embark on a exploratory artistic journey as you create your very own works of art, drawing inspiration from still-life, landscape and abstract creations! This course introduces students to acrylic painting and encourages creative compositions. Students will learn to use acrylic paint to compose their own still-life and landscape paintings. In addition, students will be taught on methods and ways to simplify objects, distort shapes and figures and explore abstraction. Students can expect to pick up the art of the brush within the span of 8 sessions and complete a work to bring home every 2-3 sessions!

Oil Painting: This oil painting course allows students to be introduced to oil painting quickly. The medium of oil painting has a venerable and distinguished history for many centuries, and its usage among painters has not ebbed to this day. Known for its versatility and rich surface quality, the medium also has its own complexities and particularities which may stump the beginning painter. Students will be taught to observe and paint from still-life compositions, and explore landscape and abstract painting. By the end of the course, students can independently compose their own painting, and bring home the 2-3 completed paintings at the end of 8 sessions!