Frequently Asked Questions

We receive calls and e-mails asking the same questions regularly regarding our art courses, so we decided to compile them into an FAQ!

If you do not see your question answered here or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us to clarify.


Q: I’m a beginner with no prior experience in art classes and zero art knowledge, can I join?

A: Of course! Our art classes are open to people of all ages and all skill levels to join – the teacher will assess your skill level, and guide you accordingly from then!

Q: What mediums are available?

A: We offer drawing and sketching classes, as well as oil/acrylic painting classes. However, we recommend oil painting as it is a better medium for learning due to the longer duration that oil paint takes to dry.

Q: How do I book a class?

A: You can book a trial session, or a package on our website and pay for it online. After you have made an online purchase, you can call us or e-mail us to inform us which class session you would like to come down for.

You can call us at 6733 2155 / 6255 0711, and e-mail us at!

Q: I am unable to make an online purchase. How can I go about booking a class?

A: You can call us or e-mail us to inform us of your interest as well as indicate which day you would like to come down for, and we can process your payment at our studio itself. You can pay by Cash or NETS.

Q: When can I come down for a class?

A: Our regular lesson schedule is as such:


Monday: 5.00PM – 7.15PM, 7.30PM – 9.45PM

Wednesday: 11.00AM – 1.15PM, 1.30PM – 3.45PM

*Thursday: 11.00AM – 1.15PM

Saturday: 10.30AM – 12.45PM, 1.00PM – 3.15PM, 3.30PM – 5.45PM

*Sunday: 1.00PM – 3.15PM


We welcome you to come for any of our lesson slots that fit your schedule! As the Thursday and Sunday slots are new sessions, we recommend new students to come for these slots as there will be lesser students.

Q: When does the next class term start?

As we conduct regular classes every week and have a flexible lesson schedule, we do not have a specified terms for lessons. Registration is always open, and we welcome you to come down any day of the week that we have stated above (except for public holidays or special occasions such as Chinese New Year that we may be closed for).

Q: What does the price include? Do I need to bring anything?

A: All art materials necessary (such as sketching paper, canvas, paint, brushes etcetera) as well as light refreshments are included for classes, therefore you do not need to bring anything. Aprons are provided for those who wish to use them as well!

Q: How many students are there per class?

A: It depends on the session, however it is usually 15 students: 1 teacher with 1 teaching assistant. For less crowded sessions, the ratio may even be 6~10 students to 1 teacher with 1 teaching assistant.

Q: How are lessons conducted?

A: We have professionally trained teachers who will guide and assist you throughout the lesson. Teaching will be tailored to each individual’s skill level as well as learning pace, which will be assessed during the first lesson.

Q: Are lessons continuous?

A: Yes, each lesson will be a continuation from the last. You will get to continue the piece of artwork you last left off on.

Q: In what language are the lessons conducted in?

A: The lessons can be conducted in both English and Chinese.

Q: How long is my package valid for?

A: The package validity period depends on the package you sign up for, starting from the first class you attend. The 8 session package is valid for 3 months, whereas the 12 session package is valid for 4 months. The 24+2 session package is valid for 6 months and the 48+4 session package is valid for 12 months.

Q: Do I need to book a class every week if I intend on coming for the same session regularly?

A: No, you do not need to. You only need to make a booking for your first session!

Q: I’m a regular for (class session). What if I cannot make it for one week?

A: That’s no problem at all. We operate on a flexible class schedule, so for example, if you’re a regular for our Saturday morning class but you’re unable to make it for one week and thus you’d like to come for our Monday class instead, we welcome you to do so! There will be no extra fees incurred.

Q: Do you provide refunds for packages if I decide I do not like the classes?

A: We have a no refund policy. However, we do welcome you to come down for a trial class before you sign on for a package should you be worried that the classes will not be suitable for you.